To give the students vital experience of corporate life and to promote in them intrinsic values of collective endeavour we have divided our school into four houses namely Gandhi, Nehru, Tagore and Subhash House. In this way not only individual but collective potentials are also developed in them.

  The Gandhi House

The name of the house speaks for itself. On the Principle’s of The Father of Nation, The Gandhi House serves keeping in mind the promotion of peace, brotherhood, truthfulness and self reliance. The main objective of our house is to bring in prosperity to the school which is clearly symbolized by the house color-Green. The Gandhi house has always worked for maintaining law and order which is the most important need in the grooming of a student. The description of our house is not complete without the reference to our House Teachers; they add stars to its working.

                                The Nehru House

 The colour of Nehru house is: Red. This house cherishes the goal of “NATION BUILDING” as an essential task and the responsibility of this is essentially on the shoulders of the children. It works for the overall development of a child and encourages him to participate in a number of co-curricular activities held in the institute from time to time. Nehru placed a great hope in children and felt the need of guiding them in right direction for the results.


     The Subhash House

The colour of The Subhash House is: Yellow. It is named after Subhash Chandra Bose, who played an active role in the national movement. The purpose of the house is to provide and to instill love for the country in the hearts of children to thus to contribute in the building of the nation. The overall development of the children takes place by taking part in different co-curricular activities held in the institute from time to time. Some moral qualities such as discipline, co-operation and punctuality are also inculcated in the children in a natural way as they participate in the activities of the house


             The Tagore House

The House is named after Rabindernath Tagore who was born in Kolkata in 1861. In 1878, he went to England to study law but soon gave up and returned to join the national movement. He wrote many poems, songs, short-stories and plays.He was awarded Nobel Prize for literature in 1913. He established Shanti Niketan at Barapur near Kolkata. Perhaps the name ‘Tagore’ would inculcate in students the zeal to go ahead and excel in chosen fields. Tagorian’s try to follow Tagore’s path. We organise debates and declamation contests thereby encouraging students to expand their knowledge and gain confidence. This is our literary tribute to Gurudev Rabindernath Tagore and we pray to bring laurels to the house, the school and the nation.


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